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Word, Art and Creative Collaberation

Stockport Thru & Fru
Do you have a story to tell?
Have you ever said to yourself
“Someone should write about my life.”
Ever wanted to see your life in print?
We are looking for Stockport residents with unique, real life stories who want to share their experiences.
Supernatural – Dramatic – Unbelievable – Life or Death
All genres welcome.
The opportunity is open to all.
It doesn’t matter who you are
 just as long as you are a Stockport resident
describing a real life event.
“But how, I’m not a writer?”
Stockport Thru & Fru is a creative project designed to showcase local people and their stories. A Stockport writer will meet with each participant. You tell the tale, the writer writes it.
To be considered for the project, please email wacc.limited@outlook.com with a brief description of your story and why it should be used. No more than 200 words please.
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