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What did your Irish ancestors do in Stockport
during the First World War?
Who joined up? Who stayed at home? What did the women do?

These are the kinds of things that Diverse Narratives want to hear about for their project.

Were there any Canadians or Americans here?

I know some research has been done about the military hospitals in the town. Do you want to share your research towards the bigger picture of the First World War in Cheshire?

Posters and postcards will be in Stockport Libraries by the end of March for you to share your memories.

Contact Jessica van Horssen at http://diversenarratives.com/ with your stories.

Useful links.

Diverse narratives of WW1. Minority experiences in Cheshire.

GM 1914 The First World War in Manchester

(This includes some stories of Stockport)

Merseyside at War 1914-1918.

(Parts of Cheshire are on this website)
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