Stockport Heritage Magazine in the Shops NOW

The winter 2015 issue of the Stockport Heritage Magazine is in the shops now !!It contains articles about – Stockport’s invasion by the Vikings.Archeology, architecture and ale.Historic Inn’s bicentenary.Redrock development.Hotbed … Read more

Open Day at the Bridgefield Dig

Manchester Archeology unit have been exploring the past life of Stockport’s back-to-back Georgian housing, around what used to be Bridgefield St. Heaton Norris.  The open day last Saturday allowed Stopfordians … Read more

Ron Vincent Shallcross

Ron Vincent Shallcross is a local man [72 years old {2015}], who may be related to the Shallcross family who had lived in Staircase House from 1605 to 1730. 

The Latest Marple Dig

 There is an archaeological dig beginning on the Recreation Ground off Strines Road.  Any one can join it, or just go along they will explain what they have found.

The Vikings Invade Stockport

The streets were teaming with Vikings and there was plenty to see and do on the first day of Stockport’s Viking Festival. Longboats sailed down the mile, and strange dragons … Read more

Manchester Trip

A group of Trust members ventured into Manchester for a trip back in time. Beginning in medieval times, the remains of the ‘Hanging Bridge’ were lost for centuries but can … Read more

Sad news, Ray Preston has died

On 1st October 2015 Raymond Harry Preston aged 83 years passed away peacefully. Ray was an early member of Stockport Heritage Trust who actively supported our charity since around 1989, … Read more

Children’s Fun Day in the Dungeon

Saturday 22nd August was a children’s fun day in Stockport’s Medieval Dungeon. With games for the children and displays to send the parents and grandparents reminiscing, the biggest challenge was  … Read more

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