Stockport’s old lock up and Court Leet

This is the building at the top of Mealhouse Brow and was where the Court Leet was held from the 15th until the late 18th century.

Here, the business of the town was conducted by the burgesses. There is also a cell that was used as the town’s ‘lock-up’ below ground. Prisoners were held in the Dungeon waiting for the Court Leet or to be transferred to Chester or Lancaster Assizes, only if their crime was too serious to be tried in the Court Leet

The building was used in later years as a shop, taking advantage of the cool conditions to sell fresh produce.


What’s happening with the building now?

The Trust now holds a lease from the Guinness Partnership for this popular attraction. It will be open on the second Saturday of each month and for special events laid on by the Trust, lease see the News & events page for more details.


Two visitors read a display board inside the dingeon
Volunteer in Victorian costume reads in candlelight
A Victorian policeman, medieval lady and 17th Century lady welcome visiotrs to the dungeon