The following sheets show details of individual plots of land on the Woodbank Estate and who owned and occuied them. Plots of land owned by Henry Marsland. Plots owned and used by Henry Marsland and others. Tithe map from 1841 with plots - Cheshire Tithe Maps Online.
Plots owned by Henry Marsland in Stockport Township and Occupied by Himself and Others
Plots superimposed on 1836-51 tithe map, Marsland ownership in red includes all of central Woodbank and some plots off to the north west, Lord Vernon's plots in black are to the south of Woodbank
Plots as tithe map superimposed onto a modern
Modern map showing land owned or rented by Henry Marsland. The map at shows the land owned (shaded blue) or rented (shaded red) by Henry Marsland in the area of Woodbank Park.  The rented land is part of Lord Vernon’s extensive holdings.  
The holdings are superimposed on a modern map.  The map can be rescaled.  The boundaries are somewhat approximate.  The source of the data is the Bredbury Tithe Map of 1841 accessed at
1882 OS Map of Cheshire showing the Woodbank area
1923 Ordnance Survey map of Lancashire showing Woodbank
1946 Ordnance Survey map showing Woodbank with more built up surroundings