Ainsworth, David.

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Brady, Charles Robert, 1866-1943.

Land agent, surveyor and civil engineer from Cale Green. He was an associate member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and a Great Western shareholder. His offices were in Warren Street.

Bretland, Reginald.

Solicitor, Thorncliffe, London.

Brocklehurst, Thomas, 1788-1870.

Silk manufacturer, partner in J & T Brocklehurst, Macclefield.
Uncle of William Coare Brocklehurst.

Brocklehurst, William Coare, 1818-1900.

M.P. for Macclesfield. Head of a family of silk producers and landowner.
He lived at Butley Hall, Prestbury. Nephew of Thomas Brocklehurst.

Broughton, Peter.

Solicitor, Middle Temple, London.

Chapman, John, 1811-1877.

Cotton manufacturer and J.P. for Cheshire, Derbyshire, and West Riding
of Yorkshire. He lived at Hill End House, Broadbottom.

Coppock, Henry, 1806-1870.

Clerk to the borough and county magistrates of Stockport and Chester. Superintendent of the Stockport Union, registrar, solicitor and town clerk.
He lived at Daw Bank House.

Darbishire, Robert Dukinfield, 1826-1908.

Manchester solicitor.

Dickie, Matthew, 1827-1904.

Towel manufacturer, Albion Works, Warren Street. He lived on Offerton Lane.

Eyre, Samuel.

Solicitor, Lincoln’s Inn, London.

Fielden, Samuel, 1816-1889.

Cotton manufacturer and shareholder and director of the Lancs and Yorks Railway Co. He lived at Centre Vale, Todmorden. Social reformer. Nephew of Thomas Fielden.

Fielden, Thomas, 1803-1870

Cotton manufacturer, Todmorden. Uncle of Samuel Fielden. Partner in Fielden Bros., one of the largest textile companies in Britain in 1832.

Hollins, Allatt Henry, 1895-1942.

Heir to Woodbank. Second cousin of Herbert Marsland and great nephew to
Maria Marsland, née Hollins.

Howard, Charles.

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Johnson, John Goode jnr., 1831-1912.

Calico bleacher employed at the Marsland bleach works. He lived at Brinnington Hall.

Johnstone, John.

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Lucy, Davenport, 1659-1690.

Son of Dame Isabella Lucy of Henbury.

Lucy, Dame Isabella, of Henbury. 1625-1689.

Landowner in Bredbury and Romiley. She lived in Worcester.

Marsland, Henry, 1798-1864.

Cotton manufacturer and waterworks owner, Woodbank, Stockport, son of Peter Marsland
and husband of Maria Marsland, née Hollins.

Marsland, Herbert, 1831-1907.

Living on his own means at Woodbank, Stockport.

Marsland, Maria 1806-1885, née Hollins.

Of independent means, living at Woodbank, Stockport.

Marsland, Peter Edward, 1808-1871.

Cotton manufacturer, waterworks owner and J.P., son of Peter Marsland and brother of
Henry Marsland.

Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses.

Town Hall, Stockport.

Ogle, Clifford, 1899-1968.

Builder and quarry owner who lived in Poynton. He built the Woodlands housing estate in the Woodbank grounds along with an outdoor swimming pool.

Rowbotham, Sir Thomas, 1851-1939.

Engineer with iron works at Victoria Mills, Portwood. He was a J.P. and alderman and lived at Hillbrook Grange, Bramhall. He gifted Woodbank to the corporation.

Sidebottom, John.

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Stockport Waterworks Company.


Turner, Alice Woodcock. 1845-1932.

Wife of Henry Turner of Cale Green, Stockport.

Turner, Henry. 1835-1903.

Retired calico printer who lived in Cale Green.

Wallworth, Clement Richard. 1899-1979.

Farmer from Goyt Hall Farm. The family remained here as of 2020.

Walmsley, William.

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