Front cover of the book by Coral Dranfield
Inns & Outs of Stockport Taverns

An A4 black & white book with stories from the social side of some of Stockport’s old Inns and Taverns by Coral Dranfield.

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Green front cover of the booklet
Paupers and Vagabonds

Covering the history of poverty in Stockport from the Black Death in 1348 to WWII – by Coral Dranfield.

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Blue front cover of the booklet
Admiral Sir George Back

Admiral Sir George Back was Stockport’s own Arctic Explorer, searching alongside John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage.

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Rivers Under Your Feet
Rivers Under Your Feet

River’s Under Your Feet tells the story of Stockport’s first mills, run by water wheels and so many underground tunnels to suply them that the river Goyt was somtimes an empty channel.

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Stockport’s Home Front
Stockport’s Home Front

This £2 booklet gives a look into what was happening at home during the Great War. Stockport people played their part in many ways.

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A look at Stockport then and now
Stockport Through Time

Stockport Through Times is one of a series of books published by Amberley Publishing.  They use old postcards and corresponding new photographs to document the changes to Stockport over 100 years.

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A history in colour and black & white.
Stockport Past & Present

Stockport Past & Present documents the changes to our town using  photographs from different periods, with brief descriptions .

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Yellow front cover of the walk booklet
Vernon Park and the Goyt Valley

A linear walk by Coral Dranfield

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