Sadness on the Market

Jerome Landau, who you probably know by sight, rather than by name, spent 60 years on Stockport Market.Having started in 1946 straight out of the RAF, he married into a … Read more

Guernsey Evacuees in Stockport

Saturday 16 May, 2pm, Stockport Story Museum, 30 Market Place, Stockport. I am giving an illustrated talk about the arrival of 2,000 Guernsey evacuees in Stockport in June 1940 and … Read more

A Friend Dies

94 year old Arthur Lane passed away today after a short illness in Stepping Hill Hospital.  Arthur served in the Manchester Regiment and became a PoW when Singapore fell in February … Read more

Plymouth Grove

Plymouth Grove was the home of Elizabeth Gaskell, the author of Cranford as well as many other 19th century books. The house was built prior to the Gaskell family renting … Read more

Where Has Rock Row Gone!

Rock Row is a very old Stockport road. It is also of historic significance to the town as this was one of the sites, in 1852, where the famous ‘Irish … Read more

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